Aadhaar card print in PVC: Convert your Normal Aadhaar card into PVC form

Are you wondering about getting your Aadhaar PVC card online? To make it easier to carry your Aadhaar number, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is now offering Aadhaar cards in PVC form. You can get an Aadhaar card by paying a nominal fee. Now, you can easily order an Aadhaar PVC card hassle-free through an online medium.

You can get your Aadhaar card printed in PVC form if you have an Aadhaar number. If you don’t have your mobile number registered in the Aadhaar database, you can use any mobile number to raise a request for ordering a PVC card. Let’s have a brief discussion regarding the topic further in this article.

How can you convert Aadhaar Card into PVC form?

The new plastic version of the Aadhaar Card looks much like a credit card. It has all the features a credit card has, including hallmarks and photographs. The plastic Aadhaar card has some extra security features, like embossed logos, ghost images, and so on. You can get this plastic Card online or by visiting nearby outlets where they will help you print it. It’s optional to get this PVC Aadhaar Card online, but at a nominal cost of Rs 50, it’s a good idea as this new CardCard is more durable than the paper one. Here are the steps to order a PVC Aadhaar Card:

Steps to order a PVC Aadhaar Card

1. The first step is to visit the official website.
2. Click on ‘My Aadhaar’ and then select ‘Order Aadhaar PVC Card.’
3. On the next screen, click on ‘Order Aadhaar PVC Card.’
4. Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number or 28-digit enrolment ID in the box. Then enter your security code and mobile number if it is not registered with Aadhaar. If you don’t have a mobile number attached, click on the tick box. You will then be asked to enter the non-registered/alternative mobile number on which a one-time password will be sent.
5. After entering the OTP, check the terms and conditions box and click submit.
6. Continue by entering your OTP.
7. Once the OTP is entered, click on the check box and Submit.
8. If your mobile number is registered in the UIDAI database, you’ll be able to see a preview of your Aadhaar card for verification. If it’s not registered yet, you won’t be able to see a preview.

After you make a payment, you will receive a receipt by email. In addition, we will send your 28-digit Service Request Number (SRN) to your mobile phone via SMS. Also, you can go for a PVC Aadhaar card cash on delivery option. Your CardCard would be delivered to the address mentioned on your PVC Card.

Although getting a laminated PVC Aadhaar Card is not mandatory, the PVC smart card helps carry around information about your bank accounts. Moreover, it is easier to do the PVC Aadhaar card printing once you apply for it online.

Wrapping Up

One can choose to apply for any Aadhaar Card, and all versions of the Card will be accepted as proof of identity with proper validation of the documents. So, using for Plastic type of Aadhaar card is not necessary but has several benefits. We hope you found this article regarding PVC card of Aadhaar informative and helpful.