Advantages of Organic Fertilizers: Sustainable Growth for Healthy Crops

As farmers and gardeners, we all want to grow healthy, sustainable crops and provide high yields. Using organic fertilizers can be a good option to grow healthy crops naturally. Organic fertilizers are made from natural ingredients. They do not have any synthetic chemicals in them. They are eco-friendly and gentle to the environment. They play a crucial role in contributing to the overall soil fertility and do not degrade the quality of the crops.

Overview of Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are a composition of animal manure, rock minerals and other substances. These substances play a crucial role in providing essential nutrients to plants for their good growth. They are composed of natural substances and help in providing nourishment to the plants without introducing harmful chemicals to the soil. However, synthetic fertilizers are made from artificial chemicals while organic fertilizers are made from natural substances and provide a blend of mixed nutrients in the form of organic matter.

Significance of Organic Fertilizer Coating

Organic soil fertilizers like cow manure, bone meal and chicken manure are applied to improve the condition of the soil. These essential nutrients act as an eco-friendly solution for recycling plant material and kitchen waste. Organic fertilizers contain trace elements that play a vital role in supporting the growth and development of the plant.

Benefits of Organic Fertilizers 

Organic fertilizers provide several benefits for plant growth and overall soil health. These fertilizers contain natural sources of nutrients and micronutrients that are essential for plants to grow strongly. The benefits are:-

They help in providing micronutrients to plants:

Organic fertilizers contain micronutrients that are important for the growth of the plants. Plants get micronutrients like calcium, sulfur, magnesium and other essential nutrients. They also get a good amount of all the vitamins and minerals they require to thrive.

Phosphorus for plants:

This critical nutrient for plant growth is necessary for the development of roots of the plant, for carrying out photosynthesis and transfer of energy. Organic fertilizers provide phosphorus in slow-release form to ensure the plants have access to essential nutrients.

Potassium for plants:

Potassium is essential to regulate water balance, photosynthesis, and root development of the plant. Through organic fertilizers, plants get potassium in an absorbed form. This plays a fundamental role in their better growth.

Improved structure of soil: 

Organic fertilizers increase the soil structure and fertility in the long term. They help in encouraging the growth of beneficial organisms such as earthworms, bacteria and fungi. With an increase in soil structure, the moisture retention is also increased.

Nutrient-rich soil:

The organic fertilizers are made from plant matter, rock minerals and animal waste. These are rich in nutrients and make plants resistant to pests and diseases. The nutrients present in the organic fertilizers are released slowly which acts as a continuous source of nutrients to the plants for a long time.

Environmental-friendly product: 

Organic fertilizers are considered less harmful to the environment. They help in sustainable fertilizer treatment solutions for plants. Organic fertilizers release nitrogen and other nutrients slowly to provide a consistent supply of nutrients to plants. They don’t contaminate the water or harm the wildlife in any form.

Healthy for humans: 

Organic fertilizers are healthier for humans as they do not contain any synthetic chemicals. They have the quality to provide efficiency of fertilizer application and do not have any harmful residues.

Green Technology for Fertilizer Quality Improvement

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