10 Things You Need To Know Before Applying For A Study Visa In Canada

Introduction – International students who wish to study in Canada must first get a study permit from the Canadian immigration authorities. International students are only allowed to enroll in classes in Canada with a valid study visa permit. Aside from that, registering at Designated Learning Institutions is permitted for students who receive study permission. An educational establishment that has been given the go-ahead from a provincial or territorial government to host international students is known as a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

10 Things Before Apply Study Visa In Canada

If any students are from Abu Dhabi, the how to apply Canada visa from Abu Dhabi is the same as in other countries.

Valid Passport-

If you are from abu Dhabi, first you must visit to study visa consultancy in Abu Dhabi. If you be eligible to apply for a study permit, you must have a current passport. According to the Canadian High Commission, it would help if you had a key whose validity extends beyond the desired period in Canada. For instance, if you intend to study in Canada for two years starting in September 2022, your passport must be valid through at least September 2024.

Acceptance documentation from a designated learning institution-

Second, if you apply for a study visa to Canada, you will need a letter of acceptance from the college or institute you intend to attend. A university approved by the Immigration Department is known as a Designated Learning Institute. (A list is provided here for your convenience.) If you were to file for Quebec, you would require a CAQ that would have been adequately notified.

Proof of fund –

 You must provide proof of funds when applying for your study permit for Canada visa from Abu Dhabi. For each year of their stay, Canadian Immigration estimates that a student will need at least CAD 10,000. In addition to the two requirements above, the student must also demonstrate that they have the money to pay a fair return.

Immigration Medical Examination (IME)-

Indian students studying abroad in Canada must undergo an immigration medical examination that credentialed physician’s mandate.

The panel doctor will undertake a thorough physical examination on you and can recommend laboratory testing and chest x-rays. The doctor will send CIC the results of your review after it is finished.

Exam results for English language proficiency-

We strongly advise that you take the test and receive your English Language Proficiency Score before you begin the visa application process, even if it is not required at the time of application. Currently, to verify your admission to the Canadian University, you would have needed to submit your English language competence score. It is acceptable to take the TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

The Purpose Statement-

You must write an essay outlining why you are traveling to Canada and why you have picked the specific university while requesting a Canadian Study Permit. Although the checklist would invite you to submit this as an optional document, we highly advise against it.

Credit Card-

You will also need a credit card to pay the application cost if you submit your application online. Indian students must pay CAD 150 for their Canadian visa application. The system only accepts credit cards; debit cards are not supported. Furthermore, your credit card is not required to be used. You may also ask if your parents have given you express permission to use their cards.

Passport Size Photographs-

 Two passport-sized photos that meet the requirements are required if you submit your application offline. An online application must obtain a digital copy of the photo no larger than 4MB. The image’s dimensions must be at least 35 mm by 45 mm. The picture should be current (a maximum of six months). Each photograph must bear your name and birthdate inscribed on the reverse.

Two Official Languages are Used in Canada-

Canada has two official languages: English and French. Although Quebec is home to most French speakers in Canada, don’t be shocked if you hear it elsewhere. You will likely need to learn French and your English language skills if you intend to attend school in Quebec.

Acceptance Letter-

You must have gotten an email referred to as the acceptance letter. Make a print of it and keep it with you. Along with the application form, this should be presented.


 Being an overseas student who moves to Canada is both thrilling and intimidating. Because of the distinctive culture in this area, the requirements listed above must be followed while applying for a study visa to Canada.