Five Best Astrological Aspects of Keeping a Marble Temple at Home

Marble temples for homes in India are a necessity as it radiates good energy and positivity. These marble temples give out peaceful vibes and are a source of comfort.

Why you should choose marble temples?

  • Marble temples have a peaceful aura and are very long-lasting and durable.
  • The color white is preferred usually when it comes to temples as it radiates peace and calmness. It has a soothing glow and sets a calm ambiance. Although other colors are also preferred like gold painted marble temples are in demand.
  • Marble temples are more affordable than other temples.
  • Marble temples are easy to wash and they do not lose their radiance.

Astrological aspects of marble temples at home:-

  1. The temple should be kept at an appropriate height- Marble temples should be set at the level of any person’s chest whether they are sitting or standing in front of it. It should basically be in front of the person praying. If it is placed at a lower level, it is considered to be disrespectful; hence it should be placed at a level that matches the person’s chest.
  2. Material that is used in the temple- Marble is considered to be a symbol of peace. It also helps provide clarity and stability be it physical or emotional. White marble symbolizes purity.
  3. A marble temple that is placed in a home should comply with the Vastu rules. The temple should be placed on the eastern or northeastern corner as it is believed to bring good luck and fill the house with positive energy. The deities should be placed in such a manner that they face the west and the devotees face the east. The diya should be kept in the southeast direction.
  4. Things to avoid-The temples should not be kept near the washrooms. It should be placed in the living room or any other proper room. Idols should be kept in the temples according to the size of the temple. Clean the marble temples with a cloth regularly to maintain their purity.
  5. Make it look fresh and beautiful- Always decorate your marble temple with fresh flowers and aromatic incense sticks or candles to help create a calming and pleasant ambiance.


Outdoor marble temples or marble temples for offices or homes are essential elements as they spread positive energy around the place. These marble temples satisfy the beliefs and desires of religious people from the Hindu community. White marble temples have significantly gained more importance than wooden temples for their affordability and designs. These temples are available for all budgets. They can be contrasted with the color of your rooms or ceiling. They can be customized according to one’s needs and preferences. They are available in many sizes ranging from small to large. It becomes a place for people to meditate and declutter their minds.

These temples are regarded as sacred in the Hindu community and they are believed to rejuvenate the souls and provide a new outlook toward life. These temples are available in various sizes and intricate designs. They serve as a special place for devotees who want to spend some quality time doing some soul searching. Marble temples give out the luster and are more durable, they are considered to be the most preferred choice in the making of marble temples.