Business & Investment Visa Requirements for Australia, Canada from Abu Dhabi

Folks residing in Abu Dhabi have an opportunity to gain an advantage of the country’s close ties with nations such as Australia and Canada. These two countries have continuously ranked amongst the top countries to start a business in, and the ease with which one can get a business visa is only a testament to this fact. However, one is still advised to hire business setup consultants in Abu Dhabi to ensure they are on the right track with their visa application.

Both countries have various business & investment-related programs that foreign nationals can take advantage of. But naturally, there are some requirements that one needs to meet before one can be eligible for a business visa in those countries, something that immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi can help you out with.

Business & Investment Visa for Australia and their Visa Requirement

The government of Australia, in lieu of the influx of the migration of skilled professionals in the country, has taken steps to encourage investments on its shore. Business Innovation and Investment visas have been launched under this program.

There are four streams of visas that one can apply for under this program. These all come under the subclass 188 visa application – something you need to keep in mind while filling out your application.

Business Innovation Stream: A provisional visa scheme that allows investors to extend their stay in Australia for two more years. In total, the investor can legally stay in the country for six years.

Entrepreneur Stream: This program is targeted at individuals planning to open something in Australia. For this process, the applicant would need a nomination from the state or territory.

Significant Investor Stream: With this visa, an individual can extend their stay in the country for up to 4 years. It is also a provisional visa program.

Premium Investor Stream: An individual who can invest upwards of AUD 15 million and obtain a nomination from a representative of Austrade can apply for this visa.

Basic Eligibility Requirement

  • Scoring at least 65 points and above in the basic eligibility
  • Have a net worth upwards of AUD 2.25 million

In addition, other requirements are similar to what one may find with other visa applications. Connecting with an Australia immigration consultant in Abu Dhabi for this would undoubtedly be helpful for the visa aspirant.

Canada immigration from Abu Dhabi and their requirement

Canada has undoubtedly been among the top consideration for immigration for the past few decades. Not only is the country renowned for its hospitality, but its visa process is also straightforward; whether it is a Canada visit visa from Abu Dhabi or a business visa, the applicant would find the process hassle-free.

There are several visa programs that investors can opt for.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP): Program is for individuals entering Quebec for business investment.

Quebec Entrepreneur Program: Foreign nationals that want to establish a business in the Quebec region must apply for a business visa under this program.

Quebec Self-Employed: For skilled self-employed applicants that are entering Canada to create their own job or practice a profession.

Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur Programs: Canada investment visa where the applicant deals with the territory and provinces and must have a supporting document signifying their nomination.

Basic Eligibility Requirement

  • Investors must have more than two years of business management experience
  • Income proof from their business, and in the upwards of CAD 1.6 million
  • The applicants have to make a secure investment to the Canadian Government for CAD 800,000
  • Investors must meet the language criteria and have a qualifying benchmark of 5
  • Sponsorship to support them and their family residing in Canada

One should note that in addition to the basic eligibility requirement, every visa program has its own unique condition – something one must keep in mind.


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