What are the Differences between Meenakari and Normal Marble Temple?

Meenakari marble temple is undoubtedly something that many folks have heard about. One can easily find several meenakari marble temples in the market. These temples are crafted by taking inspiration from the meenakari work. Still, before buying one, it is crucial that one understands the fundamental differences between a meenakari temple and a normal marble temple.

There are a lot of similarities between them, which is why understanding the differences is so crucial in helping one make the correct choice.

The Differences between Meenakari & Normal Marble Temple

Marble is a very popular material that can be used in many different forms, one of them being sculpture. However, the process of creating a marble sculpture is time-consuming and difficult.

Marble sculptures are typically created with an expensive tool called the wheel on an upright surface. This tool creates grooves on the surface which, when filled with molten bronze, gives rise to beautiful patterns and designs in the material.

Meenakari Marble Work is a traditional Indian art form that uses marble as the primary material for sculpting. The process of creating this work is quite intricate and requires a lot of skill sets and patience to create. Meenakari temple is made of marble and has a unique pattern. These temples are also called “marble temples,” but there are differences that make them stand out from the rest.

Meenakari marble temples are remarkable because they have a particular design engraved on them. Meenakari is a unique art form that has its origins in Safavid Empire, now modern-day Iran. With years, this art form spread its influence in the neighboring regions and the Indian Subcontinent. One can easily find their influence in many of the architectures, especially in Northern India, constructed during the Medieval Period. Meenakari work is more prevalent in ceramics and ornaments, but the world of marble sculpting is not untouched by the influence of Meenakari work. You can easily find a marble golden temple with meenakari work online.

The sculptors of this world-famous artwork do an excellent job of weaving the intricate design that is the hallmark of the art on the marble. It certainly is not an easy job, and it takes hours and hours of patience to get it right.

Now, on the other hand, a marble normal temple is designed by the marble temple maker but lacks any patterns on top of it. However, one should not assume the lack of any unique pattern on the marble work diminish the value of the craft, far from it. The polish of the normal marble work is undoubtedly an attraction to many.


There are more similarities between meenakari and normal temples than differences; after all, they are both marble works. But understanding their differences is essential if one wants to get the best product in the market. And if you are looking for a marble temple supplier, then MarbleTemples Maker is the place for you to be.

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