Differentiations: Trademark registration from Company registration

The laws that govern the issues of registration of companies as well as the registration of business names and trademarks work in a different manner. This article examines the differences between trademark registration and Company Registration in Jaipur and also addresses various issues related to it.


The Trademark Registration process is the procedure that one must go through to acquire an exclusive company mark (identity of any type) that is registered in accordance with the Trademark Act of India. The trademark registration grants the owner(s) rights to the exclusive usage of the trademark registered as well as the ability to be protected by law when a third party violates their trademark. A trademark can be made up of any of these words or slogans, business name numbers, signs, and symbols. In general, the registration process can take more than a year, but the TM symbol may be used in conjunction in conjunction with logos or company names. It can also be used to indicate that an application for trademark registration has been submitted.


LLPs also known as Limited Liability Partnerships are one of the most recent forms of business entities in India. They have quickly gained recognition in small companies due to the low cost of registration. Company Registration or LLP is the term used to describe the formation of a legal entity that is able to conduct business transactions and also own properties. The process of registration could be completed in just 20 working days typically. The Certificate of Incorporation will be issued after the company has been registered. A company account name is then opened. This certificate could be used to get additional registrations such as TIN Registration and Services Tax Registration, etc.


The Differential

In the above paragraph trademark registration is the registration of intellectual property. the Company also known as LLP Registering is the establishment of a distinct legal entity. Based on the differences and the goals the two processes serve are distinct. Trademark registration grants legal rights to use the mark and a business can apply for the registration of several trademarks. Through the Company or LLP registration On the other hand the person creates an entity legally to conduct business operations.


The Ministry of Corporate Affairs governs the registration of businesses in India and doesn’t permit companies or LLPs to be registered under the name that is already in use. However, the name of the company can be used by other businesses even if trademark registration has not been obtained. It is therefore recommended that the name of the business also be registered.


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