Elevate Your Living Spaces with Professional Cleaning Services in Nepal

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, maintaining a clean and organized living or working environment often follows. However, a clean environment is essential for well-being and productivity. Orange Ball P.V.T. LTD., we understand the importance of cleanliness, our professional cleaning services in Nepal are designed to provide you with a spotless and inviting environment.

Welcome to Orange Ball PVT. LTD., your trusted partner for professional cleaning services in Nepal. Whether you are looking for high quality House Cleaning Services in Nepal, residential cleaning services or commercial cleaning services in Nepal, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional results.

Professional Cleaning Services in Nepal:

Our professional cleaning services are designed to meet the highest standards of hygiene. With a team of skilled and experienced professionals to ensure that every surface of your premises is properly cleaned and sanitized. From deep cleaning to carpet polish, our services go above and beyond the ordinary to warm up your space.

House Cleaning Services in Nepal:

Home is where the heart is, and keeping it clean is what we care about. Our home Cleaning Services in Nepal include a wide variety of dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and more. Let’s take the hassle out of maintaining a clean house so you can focus on what matters most.

Residential Cleaning Services in Nepal:

Choose our residential cleaning service for a clean and beautiful life. We understand that every home is unique, and our customized cleaning solutions meet your specific needs. Enjoy a clean and inviting home with our comprehensive residential cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Nepal:

A clean and organized work environment contributes to a healthy and productive work environment. Our commercial cleaning services in Nepal are designed to meet specific business needs. From office buildings to retail spaces, we ensure a clean and welcoming environment for your employees and customers.

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Orange Ball P.V.T. Ltd. difference, visit our website at www.orangeball.com. Our user-friendly website provides detailed information about our cleaning services, customer testimonials and a convenient contact form. Explore our service offerings and discover how we can improve the cleanliness of your facility.


Invest in the Orange Ball PVT maintenance environment. LTD.’s Occupational Hygiene Services in Nepal. From home renovations to retail, our dedicated team is committed to exceeding your expectations. Visit our website today to schedule your next cleaning service and experience the Orange Ball difference. A clean, healthy and happy place awaits you