What are the features of hand-block printed bed sheets and quilts?

Block Printing art on the fabric is an ancient procedure of printing the patterns on the textiles by the use of engraved wood blocks. It is an old-age technique where the blocks are dipped in stamped ink and the patterns are printed on the cloth by hand. As it is handcrafted, it’s a very difficult technique that needs special skills and accuracy.


The state of Rajasthan is popular for its Sanganeri print bedsheet wholesaler that has motifs and represents the rich culture of India. These prints originated in a village named Sanganer in which a high variety of designs and patterns are used. Rajasthan ranks fourth in terms of cotton-producing states in India, and therefore block printed quilts and bed sheets are very much demanded and cotton quilt manufacturer exports a huge amount of cotton from this state.

  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Thread count of 300 to 500
  • Made with indelible natural dyes
  • Soft textures
  • Skin friendly
  • Light weighted
  • Culture combined with the latest designs

Hand-block printed Jaipuri Razai in wholesale is a product of the premium category, with an eye-pleasing design that was mainly used by royal families in earlier times. Today there are many wholesalers exporting this product to different states and countries too. These are made with the slow process of printing also known as Hand Block Printing Jaipuri Quilts. These are very skin friendly as the colors are made with natural dyes and the rich cultural designs of Jaipur are very appealing to the consumers. The most unique feature of this product is it is lightweight contrary to all other razai which weigh heavily.


 Jaipuri Bedding set with hand block printed bed sheets is the personification of Rajasthani art which has unique patterns and very exclusive designs. These are made with 100% cotton with a thread count of 300 to 500. Manual attention is given to every detail so that each bed sheet and the quilt has the rich and unique look of Jaipur and its royalty, brought by the local artisans who know this art by the very root it. The natural dyes used to make designs are of supreme quality which makes the bed sheets low maintenance and easy to care for. They are washable in machines and the color will not fade in long run easily, though these shall not be exposed to direct sunlight.


The products offered are made the precise fabric, with the best quality thread. Only qualified professionals are employed to prepare these quilts and bed sheets. The cultural aspects of the designs are combined with the latest fashion trends to attract a wide customer base of both tastes. Artisans prepare this piece of art with elegant and attractive designs with perfect and smooth texture.


To create uniform and clear prints this process requires a lot of practice. The entire procedure of doing this art is eco-friendly, which uses natural dyes and very less of resources is another reason to love and promote this art. It carries the message of sustainable fashion with its every print and creates awareness about the responsibility towards the environment. In the world of machine-made clothes, the manual efforts of the artisans to make block print has made the product more recognized appreciated, and expensive than they deserve to be.

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