What Can Be Done to Increase the Longevity of Fertilizer Granule Coating?

Fertilizers are essential additives added to the soil for better growth of plants and harvesting of crops. As fertilizers are synthetic chemicals and artificial ingredients, it is vital to choose the right product which does not cause any damage to the plants.

What are coated fertilizers granules?

Sometimes, to increase the efficiency of the granular fertilizer, the granules of the fertilizers or at least a small portion of the granules are coated. The coatings are generally made up of some fertilizer coating materials as given ahead – a mixture of fatty acids or its esters, organic or mineral oils, or any other combination along with some other complexing agents such as anti dust agents, etc. These coatings are also occasionally known as fertilizer granulating aid.

Why are fertilizer granules coated?

There are a few agricultural uses of coated fertilizer granules. Some of them are:

  • The nutrient release may reduce the leaching in the plants and the loss of gases.
  • The concentration of raw fertilizers is reduced; thus, the seedlings can tolerate the close contact fertilizers.
  • The nutrient release is long-lasting and uniform. Thus, the plant gets enough nutrients appropriately with time, resulting in better growth.
  • The coatings like potash coating provide reasonable amounts of metal minerals and nutrients.

What is the life span of a granule fertilizer?

A granule fertilizer doesn’t have a fixed and defined life span. The life span of a granule fertilizer usually depends upon a few factors such as storing, coating, etc., which many people do not know, and as a result, the fertilizers expire or are ruined. Here, we offer a few ways to increase your granule fertilizers’ life span.

  • It is always good to store these fertilizers in a dark, cool room away from sunlight and high temperature and in a non-combustible area.
  • Always keep the fertilizers away from ammonium nitrate-based products to avoid any unnecessary possibility of lethal reactions.
  • Make sure that the storage room is dry. Any moisture or humidity in the room’s environment may cause effervescence and result in the sublimation of fertilizers.
  • It is always beneficial to use bio-based polymer coating materials. The coating helps a lot in increasing the life span of the fertilizer as well. Thus, it is better if the coating agents and the fertilizer do not react. Therefore, bio-based coating materials and organic fertilizer coatings are used in this case.
  • Always use safe fertilizer coatings. Before coating the fertilizer, always make sure that the coating is non-reactive the fertilizer to avoid any hazardous reactions between the coating and the fertilizer.

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