Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The energy of light is converted into heat, which damages the hair-producing cells on the skin which are sacs that resemble tubes. This slows or stops the growth of hair.

Although laser hair removal can effectively stop hair growth for extended periods spans, it typically isn’t able to eliminate. A few laser sessions are needed to remove hair for the first time and subsequent sessions could be required to get long-term outcomes. This is a sophisticated treatment that can be used for all types of skin. However, fair as well as dark-colored hairs are the ones that give the most amazing results. To provide vital details about the aspects one must be aware of when it comes to Laser Hair Reduction Treatment.

Why is Laser Hair Removal Done?

Hair removal using lasers is a cutting-edge technology that can be employed to eliminate unwanted hair.

  • A bikini line the upper lip chin, legs, and armpits are some of the most frequently treated areas.
  • The majority of the skin locations, with the possible exception of the eyelid and the surrounding areas, could have hair that is not wanted. In addition, tattooed skin should not be treated.
  • The laser only targets the hair follicles in the area of focus; it does not cause harm to the surrounding skin. The most effective results are derived from the contrast between dark and light skin. However, people with darker skin tones now can avail of laser hair removal due to advancements made in this field.
  • If there is no discernible difference between the color of hair and the skin it is at a greater risk of skin injury. Therefore, a qualified doctor will decide which laser should be used.
  • Laser light is not absorbed by hair colors such as red, grey, and white. Thus, they experience less chance of success when using lasers for hair removal. Laser treatments for hair that are light-colored are being studied.

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal?

Before the beginning of the treatment, mainly during the consultation the physician or technician informs the patient of the whole procedure. He also gives specific guidance regarding what to do and what is not recommended.

They could be comprised of the following:

Staying Out of the Sun. It is recommended to avoid sun exposure before and following treatment. Any time you go outdoors, a broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF 30 is recommended.

Lightening The Skin. Avoid using any sunless skin care products that darken the skin. Cream for skin whitening may be suggested by your doctor if you have recently been tanned or has darker skin.

Avoiding Other Hair Removal Methods. Before receiving treatment the hair follicle must not have had electrolysis, waxing, or plucking.

Stop Certain Medications. Avoiding drugs that thin blood. Ask your doctor which medicines, like aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications, must be avoided before the procedure.

Clean the Treatment Area. The area to be treated must be shaved. Shaving and trimming should be performed the day before the laser treatment. The hair shaft below the skin remains intact however, the hair over the skin which can cause burns and damage to the skin’s area of skin is cut off.

Benefits Related To Laser Hair Removal

There are many benefits to laser hair removal. The list can be described as follows:

Reduces Time: Eliminating unwanted hair requires on average 70 hours a year. Laser hair removal removes the necessity for time-consuming routines of beauty. Because time is money and investing in laser hair removal is a good idea.

Costs less: Although the initial cost may appear more expensive than the ones associated with shaving and waxing this is a much better option for cost savings over the long term. The client only has to pay for 6-8 sessions. Consistent payment is not required.

Precision: Lasers can accurately attack black, dense hairs and leave the skin around them unharmed.

Speed Laser Pulses: Each laser pulse lasting just one second, can treat a region the size of a quarter. Small areas are treated swiftly such as the chin or top lip.

There’s no mess: Unlike shaving or shaving IPL, There aren’t lotions, gels, or sticky messes.

Ingrown hairs removed Ingrown hairs are a single of the consequences of waxing and shaving. Ingrown hairs are caused by blood loss to the hair follicle. cut off by laser hair removal, causing hair to fall off from the follicle’s root.

Risks Related to Laser Hair Removal

Based on the skin type of the patient hair color, regimen, and the patient’s compliance with treatment and post-treatment procedures the chance of having adverse reactions varies. Here are the most common adverse effects of laser removal:

Skin Irritation. Redness, irritation, and swelling can occur after the removal of laser hair. The symptoms and signs usually disappear within a couple of hours.

Color shifts. After the removal of lasers, the skin treated may be lighter or darker. The changes could be temporary or lasting. The most vulnerable populations to whitening the skin are those who have darker skin tones and people who don’t shield themselves from the sun before or following treatment.

In rare instances, the removal of lasers can alter the appearance of the skin creating blisters, crusts, scarring, or other problems. The most likely adverse effects may include graying of the treated hair or a growth of excessively around areas treated especially for those who have darker skin.

The laser removal procedure should not be used to treat the eyes, brows, or adjacent areas because of the possibility of serious eye injuries.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal

The cost of laser hair removal treatments varies significantly, based on variables that include:

  • Laser procedures are performed in a variety of ways.
  • The number of sessions needed for treatment
  • The type of technology employed
  • The experience of the doctor or technician with the procedure
  • The size of the area of skin that has to be treated
  • Removal of hair by laser is the most effective method to prevent the development of unattractive body hair.

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