A Guide to Selection of Handblock Jaipuri Razai for a Cozy Winter Season

The name “Razai” has such a nice ring. Your mind immediately flashes back to when you were wrapped up warm under a razai on a chilly night. Various varieties of winter blankets are made in India, but a Jaipuri razai stands head and shoulders above the others. Once upon a time, only the nobility and the wealthy had access to Handblock Jaipuri Razai Collection. Fortunately, that is not the situation at present.

Beautiful and comfy razais are within reach for any family. Did you know that many people use Jaipuri quilts as sofa throws? This blog will discuss the extensive history of Razai. Finally, we’ll assist you in Right Selection of Jaipuri Razai.

Jaipuri Razai: Its Origins and Development

A razai is a thick quilt that serves the same purpose as a duvet or comforter in some parts of India. To survive the cold desert winters in Rajasthan, locals began making handmade blankets in the 16th century using multiple layers of fabric packed with cotton. This is where the tradition of Jaipuri razai is thought to have originated.

Jaipuri cotton quilts were popular since alternatives like wool and leather were restricted or unavailable. This method of quilting has survived until the present day.

The Jaipuri Quilt: Characteristics

The following are some of the advantages of a Jaipuri Razai for Winter Season that will convince you to purchase one and explain why it is essential to have one to fully appreciate the winter season without being stifled by a bulky quilt.

Hand Blocked Prints

Beautiful hand-blocked prints and vibrant colourways are available for the quilts. One of the hallmarks of Jaipuri Razai is the use of hand blocking, a centuries-old technique indigenous to Rajasthan. These extremely beautiful hand-block printed Jaipuri Razai are available in various designs.


One fantastic advantage of Jaipurj razai is that it may be worn on either the front or the back; this makes it quite versatile. You’ll see a new colour scheme, design, and pattern when you turn it over. The double-sided stitching improves the durability.

Super Soft and Cozy

This quality makes Jaipuri razai popular all over the world. The cotton filling makes it comfortable and soft, sure to captivate potential buyers. The soft quilt fabric helps you relax as you sleep, and the results are spectacular.

Ultra Lightweight

The Jaipuri Razai’s ultra-lightweight construction is a selling point. The Jaipuri quilt made by Jaipuri Razai Manufacturer is distinguished from others in its category by its unusually low weight. However, despite their lightweight design, they are incredibly warm, making them ideal for cold climates.


In Jaipuri Razai, the possibilities are countless. There are various colours, patterns, needlework, and motifs. Jaipuri quilts are highly coveted due to their exquisite design, which features multiple designs and colours obtained from natural dyes. Sanganeri print, Mughal print, hand-block print, gold print, and machine-stitched and quilted are some of the most well-known types of prints.

Comfort and warmth

Heavy quilts are now obsolete as a means of protection from the cold. You may stay warm and cosy under a Jaipuri quilt this winter without sacrificing its aesthetic value. Because of the increased wool filling, they are the most generous option.

Very Low-Upkeep Needed Methods for Cleaning Jaipur Razai

The quilts require no special attention or upkeep. These require little in the way of space or care. Jaipuri Razai can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle or hand wash cycle if you’re concerned about damaging the fabric. Be careful with the fabric you choose to preserve these quilts made of fine fibres and sensitive materials.


A Jaipuri razai can be a fantastic long-term investment because it will keep you and your loved ones toasty and comfy all year round. Wholesale Bedding Manufacturer is proud to stock an array of luxurious and comfortable single-cotton Jaipuri razai styles at affordable prices. Put the razai in the baby’s cot, use it as a throw in the living room or toss it over your bed.