Tips to help you find the Attractive Look Marble Stone Wall Design

Marble is making a strong comeback in interior decoration. Now available in multiple forms, it invites itself in small touches in decoration. Find the following tips for integrating marble wall design into your interior for a look that reflects your image.

How is marble available as an interior object?

If you have a memory of immaculate marble walls, forget this image. Before, marble was used in large quantities. He dressed in large areas to make the interiors luxurious. Today, marble invites itself into interiors with small touches. It is used as a print on decorative items. Say goodbye to classic candlesticks, floor lamps, or vases. The marble comes to dress the decorative elements and gives them a place in their own right in the interiors, as for this candle holder in marble print below.

In a home, decorating with a marble decorative item is easy to achieve as there are so many objects with this print. Small furniture is also affected by the marble trend. Anything is possible: a side table with a marble top, small shelves, or a marble coffee table. Even household linen gets involved: for example, you can find cushions with a marbled print.

Marble is also invited to wall design. Currently, graphic posters with marble patterns look great on the wall.

How to combine marble wall design?

By installing itself sparingly in interiors, marble always brings a touch of elegance, whatever the style of decoration is adopted.

The styles in which marble wall decor fits

The advantage of marble wall decors in decoration is that it is not reserved for a single interior style. It blends naturally into the decor. Cold material can quickly weigh negatively in a decoration if it is not warmed up alongside other materials, such as wood. The combination of wood and marble stone wall design fits perfectly into a Scandinavian style. For a contemporary style, you can mix copper elements with marble wall decors.

The colors with which marble combines well

White marble or black marble, it doesn’t matter which one you fall for. You can find decorative items with a marble print combined with gold or rose gold. Another mix: white marble and black. This association allows you to give your interior a modern style with finesse. Finally, marble goes just as well with pastel colors. It is all the more a good mix as marble and pastel colors are to be used for Scandinavian wall design.

Kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom: in these rooms, too, marble wall decor invites itself

Did you think that the atmosphere created by marble is mainly reserved for living rooms? Think again because the marble home decor in India gives pride of place to marble in all rooms of the house.

In the kitchen

In kitchen walls, marble wall décor makes a kitchen more luxurious. But this is not the only solution to integrate marble into your decoration. It is possible to find kitchen utensils or marble coasters.

In the bedroom

The bedroom can also be elegant with a few touches of marble. A section of wall with wallpaper, bed linen with a marble print, or even a few decorative objects such as a marble alarm clock, for example, you have the choice to give a feeling of calm.

In the bathroom

And yes, even the water features can be dressed in marble. It can be declined in coating for the walls or the ground but also in bathroom accessories. Marble soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, or even candle holder for a cocooning atmosphere: the choice is yours.

In these other rooms of the house where marble decorations can make its revolution, always avoid the “total look.” A watchword to be trendy: subtlety!