Tips to Take Better Care of Semi Precious Stone Beads Jewelry

One of the most treasured parts of our wardrobe is our jewelry. It’s meaningful, stands out, and can take an outfit from boring to fantastic. However, even the toughest jewelry requires special maintenance to maintain its luster and set of semi precious stone. Jewelry made with gemstone beads is stunning in variety and beauty.

Tips for Taking Care of Semi Precious Stone Jewelry

Look at these helpful tips for taking better care of your jewelry and its semi precious stones.

1. Take Extra Precautions

Never apply direct pressure on semi precious stones when putting on rings or other jewelry that contains them. Losing stones quickly occurs when the fastenings on rings or bracelets are loosened by forceful manipulation. Instead, ensure you’re only gripping the band while pushing on the ring. Make sure any stones on your bracelet are looking up and not being squashed by your arm or anything else before securing it.

2. Remember the Polish

Polishing jewelry is a great way to return its original sheen and brilliance. Only use a lint-free chamois or soft cloth to polish your jewelry. Tissue may create microscopic scratches on metal and stones; even the most robust diamonds will get dulled with time. You may get gemstone beads for making jewelry at Jindal Gems Jaipur.

3. Maintain a Secure Inventory

Jewelry should be kept securely when not worn on a hand, neck, or wrist. Put them in a dish on your dresser or a drawer, and forgetting about them is the worst thing you can do to your semiprecious stones. Silver is best stored in a box or bag designed to prevent tarnish. It’s best to keep rings in their original packaging or the cushioned compartments of a jewelry box. Factors in jewelry preservation include temperature, humidity, and exposure to light. Gems exposed to direct sunlight may fade or become damaged. It is not recommended to store pearls or opals in a dry or climate-controlled environment.

4. Avoid Direct Exposure to Heat and Light

Don’t put your rings on the window sill as you wash dishes since the bright sunshine might damage them. Particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of sunlight, opals can become cloudy or change color when the stone’s water evaporates in its presence. When cleaning, it’s best to prevent sudden temperature swings. Rapid temperature swings have the potential to weaken and even shatter some metals and some stones. An example of a faceted stone, a natural gemstone cabochon, has a flat bottom and a polished, convex top.

5. Routine Examinations

Like a car, jewelry needs routine checkups and upkeep to keep it in top shape. Every three to six months, you should get your jewelry examined by a professional jeweler. They can check your metals and stones for damage and tighten loose screws. Knowing the value of your precious and semi precious beads online allows you to provide them the attention they need.


To buy jewelry is to wear it; to wear it is to love it. Avoid denying your semi precious stone beads their moment in the spotlight out of an abundance of caution. If you follow these guidelines, your jewelry will shine for many years. If you want to buy beaded jewelry sets online, JINDAL GEMS JAIPUR is the place to go.