Top 5 Birds To Watch When You Visit Minnesota

Minnesota is one of the star destinations where you can see some of the most beautiful northern birds. These birds are Arctic specialties and boreal that you may not see in the southern areas. Bird watching can be a fun activity. It can also get you closer to nature. You can watch these beautiful northern birds in Minnesota, and even during the summer, you can come across many unique birds. Here are the top 5 coolest-looking birds that you can watch the next time you visit or go camping in Minnesota.

Palm Warbler

You won’t find many tropical plants in Minnesota, yet these birds are named after the tropical plant, “Palm.” The Palm Warbler is a small songbird belonging to the new world Warbler family. You can visit my website to know more about these birds. This dull brownish bird has a distinctive yellow under its throat and tail.

The Palm Warbler birds are amazing to watch. You can identify these birds with their wiggling and wagging tail. These birds consume insects, hawthorn, bayberry, seeds, and sea grape during the winter season.

Gray Catbird

The Gray Catbird belongs to the family of mockingbirds, and you can easily recognize their calling. This bird has a typical cat-like call. Moreover, they can also imitate the singing of other birds, just like the mockingbirds and thrashers.

At first sight, they look entirely gray; yet, they have quite a few characteristic features. The catbirds have dark caps and display cinnamon feathers under their long tails.

Northern Cardinal

This red bird has a black mask around its bills and eyes with its head crest. You can find the northern cardinals during the winter. You can attract them by giving them sunflower seeds. Often the male and the female cardinals establish their territory, making singing calls together.

During December and January, you can see these cardinals traveling in small flocks. They move to the bushy green trees to hide and for protection.

Black-Capped Chickadee

Another winter bird is the chickadee, and it is the favorite of the bird watchers. This tiny bird has a black cap on the head and a black bib-like shape at the front. Usually, you will see these birds traveling in small flocks, and they sing to remain in touch with each other.

House Wren

The house wrens are brown with dark brown markings on the tip of their wings and tail. These birds are mostly seen throughout the western hemisphere and the West Indies. You can hear them often.

Although these birds are small, they are notoriously territorial, and they prefer staying alone apart from the breeding season.

Many bird-watching hotspots and areas are there in Minnesota from where you will get a good sight of these birds. Hawk Ridge, Sax-Zim Bog, Felton Prairie, etc., is some of the bird-watching hotspots. So, the next time you go camping in Minnesota, make sure to enjoy watching these beautiful northern birds. The migratory birds come during specific season and based on that you can choose a camping destination.