Top 5 Marble Home Decor Items Idea – Tips to Choose For Best One

Marble or graphite is the most used rock used nowadays for home decorations and interior designing, majorly the designing of floors. People also keep Marble Home Decor items in their houses, such as marble statues, usually of religious figures like the Gods in our mythology. People can use many such items to decorate their house and make it look fancier and more classy and elegant than non-marble items. Here are the top 5 marble items that can be used as home decor to attract all the looks and glances on them.

Top 5 Attractive Marble Home Decor Items

You can use many marble home decor items to make the set piece decorations look fancier and more attractive. The top 5 most loved and fantastic home decor marble items are:

  1. Marble God statue: These items are the most used decor items one can find in many homes. Besides using it as a decor item, many people even use it as idols to worship.
  2. Marble and metal table lamps: These lamps are somewhat different from the usual metal lamps used in most houses as a night light. It is made from a mixture of brass and graphite or marble in some places, and it attractively reflects the light and is a go-to option to use as decor.
  3. Marble serving bowl: Marble is known as an exotic stone of luxury. Thus, using marble utensils like serving bowls would give a tremendous erotic look to the entire set.
  4. Marble end table: The mixture of marble with wood is one of the best combinations for furniture. Thus, using it as a decor item like a table is okay.
  5. Marble decorative plates: These plates, made out of marble, are used to keep on the showcases to attract a few eyes to it to appreciate its beauty and look. Thus, it is a great marble art for home decor.

Tips for choosing the perfect marble home decor item

Almost all marble art pieces look graceful in all house interiors, but a few pieces would suit less, and some would make people fall in love with their combination with the house interiors. Thus, we bring some essential tips on how to pick out the best, most suitable decorative item for a particular environment.

  1. Check the origin of the marble home decor items before buying. Indian marble, which has been used since ancient times, has a wider variety of textures and colours but is low and lustre compared to the recently famous Italian marble. Still, the Indian ones are harder than the former. The Indian marble is cost-effective, whereas the Italian ones are more costly.
  2. Choose a suitable colour that goes with the surrounding of your room or the set if you are keeping it in a group of other collections. For example, if you buy a marble lamp, you should check if its colour is compatible with the walls and other accessories.
  3. Marble is used to give a more elegant look to the decoration. Thus, keep an eye on its physical features like texture, colour and design.

After checking these three points, you are good to go if the item seems fit to be put in as a decor item.

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