Which Type Of God Statues Is Best For Home?

Hindu households have puja rooms before moving in. Pooja rooms are decorated with faith and wisdom. Pooja rooms usually have incense, deities, photographs, puja materials, and more. The puja room deity or god statue should be placed correctly, even if depictions of God seem divine.

Install idols in the appropriate direction to bring favourable energy into a new home or Mandir. Putting an idol in your Mandir requires a few requirements. This instruction will help you set God’s statue at home.

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What are Pooja Mandir Vastu rules for god statues?

When placing a God statue in your pooja room, follow Vastu rules:
•There are many different conventions for depicting gods like Mahesh, Indra, Surya, and Brahma.
•Placing Vishnu in the east with his back to the door will increase the flow of good energy from the west.
•Idols of Shodas, Kuber, Durga, Ganesh, and Bhairav should be set up, so they face south.
•According to Vastu, a statue of Lord Hanuman should be placed towards the northeast, as that orientation prevents the harmful effects of fire from combining with other elements.
•The North is the best location for Shiva marble idols in your home.

God statues in Pooja rooms should be placed towards the northeast, as this is considered the most spiritually rewarding orientation.

How should God be placed ideally?

Placing marble god statues is seen as the most fortunate and appropriate manner to display them at home. The female idols should be arranged on the right side of the pooja room, while the male gods should be on the left. Lord Ganesha’s idols are often thought to bring good fortune and success if positioned correctly, but only if they are facing the correct direction. Much thought has been put into the color of the statue of God. A makrana marble statue of Ganesha in your home is a good sign. You can also honor the goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati alongside Ganesha. Having statues or paintings of the Hindu trinity—Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, and Goddess Saraswati—in one’s home Pooja room is a sign of good fortune. Adding a Sai baba marble statues to your pooja room is a beautiful way to beautify your space while fostering a more spiritual atmosphere.

Materials used to create God’s statue

Before purchasing one for personal use, it is essential to be aware of the materials and marble used in creating god idols. Think about the quality of the material before you buy it.

Marble material – If you want something sturdy and long-lasting for your puja space, consider buying marble God statues.

To wrap up –

Everything you need to know about caring for a God statue in your house is included in the source above. It will guide you through creating a sacred and uplifting Pooja area, from selecting the appropriate statue to buying it to installing it in the proper location. In Jaipur, India, you can find Sai Shradha Moorti Art, where they offer a variety of marble statues that are traditionally Indian.