Which Type Of Krishna Idol Is Good For Home?

Lord Krishna Idol is worshipped with a lot of devotion and passion in all the households as his significance holds the divine existence of humanity.Various forms of Lord Krishna are kept at home, and the ladies of the house offer their prayers and shower the murti with a lot of love and devotion every day. They perform pooja by adding gorgeous clothes and making garlands of flowers that look exquisite. If you are also considering the Krishna Idol at home, then a blog is for you. We will discuss which type of murtis can be installed at home for peace and tranquility throughout the house. They are as follows-


Brass Statue-

Radha and Krishna are the two names that are always taken together, as Radha completes Krishna in every form. A Radha Krishna brass statue can be kept at home or even in your office to bring positivity and good vibes to the atmosphere. When both of them are placed together, the love they behold will also reside in your homes and get a sense of belonging to all the family members.

White Marble Radha Krishna Idol –

White Marble is among the highest quality materials for making Radha Krishna marble murti. White marble has outstanding sustainability and is also resistant to any heat and temperature changes, making it one of the best choices at home. It is remarkably advised to have a white marble radha krishna idol at home as it will increase the beauty and elegance of your house, making it look more beautiful and bringing only positive vibes to your home. Radha Krishna Marble Idol should be kept at home because it has some fantastic designs that will captivate your eyes, and every morning, you will feel genuinely calm by just looking at the idol. The idol has been carved with unique and intricate details, which can be achieved only on white marble. Some fantastic and talented artists work on the same to bring life inside the murti.

Bal Gopal-

Bal Gopal, also popularly known as Ladoo Gopal, is kept at the pooja ghar of every home. It is advised to stay ladoo gopal at your worship place so that you will take his blessings every day and start your day better. The murti of Ladoo Gopal is very small but still holds a lot of significance and needs to be taken care of every day. The pooja of ladoo gopal should be done every day. This will bring lots of happiness and tranquility to your household. It will also bring calmness and love among all the members of the family and will also make sure that the peace of the home is not disturbed in any case.


Lord Krishna holds many avatars and all of the stories behind them. The story pacified the passion and love that Lord Krishna had for everyone and was able to overcome any difficult situation. Shrinathji murti can be kept at home as it will bring a lot of stability and strength to your family and w, will ensure that you will succeed in the feel desired, and will surely provide fruits for your hard work and dedication.

Other forms of Lord Krishna-

Lord Krishna had taken many other avatars to eliminate all the negativity and wrong things that w them. Radha Krishna Marble idols, Lord Krishna with Satya Bhama and Rukmini, Lord Krishna in the avatar of Teacher while giving Geeta lessons, and many other types of murtis can be kept at home.

Above mentioned are some of the Murtis that can be kept at home. You should first talk to your Vastu Specialist and decide which type of Radha & Krishna marble statue will best be installed at your home per your situation and rules. You can buy marble moorti from Jaipur at the best prices and with a fantastic production process.