5 Ways Your Nail Care Routine Changes In Winter

Does winter take a toll on your nails more than your body, then you must have found your cuticles getting ruined in the winter. Of course, you don’t like them in winter!

Dry air in winter is no exception to taking care of your nails, the lack of moisture in the dry air sucks the moisture out of your skin and the moisture level in the nails drops drastically, leaving them dehydrated and as a result, you get brittle nails, slow nail growth, cracked nails and other nail problems faced in winters.

But if you make a few simple changes to your winter nail care routine, you’ll probably feel less of a cold crunch on your nails.

Luckily for you, we’ve searched some simple steps to follow for your nails healthy during in winter months so you can keep your beautiful strong, long nails all season.

Winter Nail Care Routine

Follow these 5 easy winter nail care tricks to make your nails in tip-top shape, prevent brittle nails, and keep them beautiful, long, and strong.

Moisturize Your Nails More Than Normal

As you read above dry air messes up your skin as well as nails, and as the result your face dry, crackling, and full of static nails.

An easy moisturizing strategy is perfect for the winter months to keep your nails from chipping, peeling, and cracking, especially when you wash them or get them wet.

Use a thick hand cream to lock in moisture in both your nails and cuticles. The thick lanolin-rich ointment will seal in the moisture of split and severely brittle nails, and the chewed-looking skin around your nails improves.

Therefore, several times a day under gloves for nail and skin care in winter a thick lanolin-containing hand cream such as Bag Balm.

Wear Gloves While Doing Household Chores

A good pair of gloves or mittens will make nail care so easy, and not needing any extra protection.

Gloves help to protect your nails to way counteract cold weather, plus they also keep more hydrated your hands more.

In the winter season, frequent hand washing removes the natural moisture of the nails that leads to become your nails being lifeless and breaking. For this, to protect such a situation, you can wear gloves while doing household chores. Before sleeping at night, massage your nails with coconut or olive oil and wear gloves.

Massage Your Nails Twice a Day in winter

To keep the nails health and from breaking, it is necessary that you massage the nails twice a day in winter, this will reduce their dryness.

Massaging your nails with cold cream or warm coconut oil for five to ten minutes helps protect and strengthen your nails.

Plus massaging will help stimulate nail growth, bringing blood, removing impurities as well as you will eventually see the difference.

File Nails While Wet

It is especially important to modifying your nails remember it to wet them. While wet they absorb a lot of water and become softer, and easy to file and modified. This leads the nails being free of ridges and cracks, edges staying smooth, and will not be wrangling with scarves and sweaters.

Always Apply the Base Coat

After cleaning and filing your nail surface do not forget to apply the base coat. Let each coat dry first before applying any other nail paint or the next coat.

Base coat contains cellulose that helps to preventing your nails cracking and breaching as well as hydrates and strengthens them also.

When your nails have a base coat, polish, and top coat, nails get a natural-looking shine that’s also protected from water and can be hydrated and strengthened.


Nails are the identity of the beauty of your hands, which you try to improve in many ways. Unfortunately, colder months are hard on your skin as well as your nails also. In winter months nails can spoil the beauty of your hands.

Do not worry about this; we can bring our hand’s beauty back by applying some home remedies for nails in winters.

Winters nail care routines do wonders for your buff nails and help to keep your dry nails shinny and more beautiful.

Use the above guide to keep your nails strong and healthy all year round, but in winter months especially.