Carved Perfection of Marble Shiva Statue: Incorporating Spirituality.

A home is a place of comfort and relaxation for everyone, and we all want it to be a place that gives good vibes and ambiance. The first and foremost factor dependent on the peace and tranquility of any home is the temple of that house. Temple is the focal point of any home and the center point that joins all the other home spaces. A temple should be made with outstanding excellence and spirituality in mind, and the one thing that defines the peace of any temple is Marble Shiva Statue or God’s Statue.

Marble Shiva Statue Carved Perfection

Many people place Marble Shiva Statue in their homes to bring peace and tranquility to all the family members. In this blog, we will discuss the best features of the marble Shiv Parvati murti that will bring happiness and positivity to your home.

Marble Shiva Statue


Lord Shiva marble statue should be made from high-quality Makrana marble. Makrana marble is considered one of the best for making statues of all the gods and goddesses. The Makrana white marble is highly durable and very much resistant to high temperatures. If any other type of marble is used for making marble shiva statues, the durability is not guaranteed, and even the quality could be better.


The vendors that sell Shiva Statue give a complete murti to all the family members of Lord Shiva. If you have been checking for the murti with all the family members of Lord Shiva, then you should check this point carefully. Lord Shiva’s family includes Parvati, Ganesh Murti, Karthik, and his vahan. Before buying the murti, you should confirm with your artisan so everything is clear later.


It is well said that a Statue comes to life only through the eyes. The carving of eyes is the most challenging part of any murti as it is one of the most crucial features that bring life and peace to the murti. The eyes will define the overall facial features and emotions of the Statue. Eyes should speak from within the marble god statue so the worshippers will feel the feelings while praying to the gods. The murti should be able to display the right amount of emotions through the eyes.


Custom Statue makers provide all kinds of customization options to your statues. The statues can also be designed per the required size and structure so that they can fit properly into your home temple. The customized murti takes a bit longer to be made than the ready ones because it requires the work done from scratch and also with personalized specifications. They add all the expected personal touches to the marble statue, making it stand out from everyone else. The Custom murti is the best option when you want something which is one of a kind.

Intricate carvings-

Skilled artisans are involved in the making of the marble Shiva Statue. They have been in this field for many years and have a good eye for creating unique designs that attract the viewer’s attention. They take their sweet time to create these intricate carvings and a masterpiece that almost everyone will love. They possess the required skills and knowledge for Statue making process and are also acquainted with all the technical aspects involved. Their magical hand brings out the best in murti and gives immense pleasure to the customers. Statue-making also requires a creative and innovative mind that can think artistically.

Costing terms-

The craftsman sells two types of marble shiv Parvati murti. One is ready-made, made with standard measurements in general terms, and the other is customized, specifically made to order for the customer. The pricing also varies.

Above mentioned are some of the features that should be considered before buying marble Shiva statues. Jaipur Leading manufacturer and exporter of white marble murti and has achieved perfection in this field over all these years. The delivery is also made easy by the distributors for their customers.