Tips to Choose High Quality Diamond Beads for Jewelry Making

The maker must know what piece of jewelry he wants to make that will allow him to go through the first stages, such size of the diamond, shape, color, etc. To select high-quality diamond beads, wholesale must know the 4 C’s of the diamonds: Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat. 

Follow 4 C’s of the Diamonds


The cut of the diamond defines its beauty and brilliance. There are different shapes in which diamonds are cut, depending on the buyers’ popular choice and the stone’s quality. Some popular shapes of diamonds are round, oval, princess, square, baguette, emerald, and navette cuts. The cut is the most crucial C among the other three as it forms the diamond’s structure and gives it a shape that wholly depends on human skills. 

To identify whether the cut is perfect, it must be looked at from the above, and check its face-up appearance to know whether it is bright. Then check the polish and evenness of the diamond beads to know how well it is crafted. A properly symmetric diamond bead will be very bright and scintillating. 


Clarity is to measure the small imperfections that diamonds can have. It is very rare to find diamonds with zero imperfections, which makes them even more desirable and expensive. These imperfections are very common to be found, which are generally known as “inclusions.” That usually occurs when the diamond beads are crystallized inside the earth, which is even more difficult to remove as they go through mining stress and procedures. These can be seen as some small white or dark spots on the diamond beads, cracks, or scratches. To make diamond bead jewelry, one must try that; here are a few inclusion only, which can be identified using a 10 x magnification glass. 


Choosing the color of the diamond might be a personal choice, but we generally look for a diamond with no color for making jewelry. Diamonds get their colors inside the earth when their crystals grow in combination with the small nitrogen element. The Gemological Institute of America has provided a chart with the alphabetical scale of D to Z to the quality of the diamond that initiates from the absence of the color. 

A D scale would be the lowest signifying the least amount of color. At the same time, the scale of Z is at the higher end showing the deeper tone of the color. The color of chosen beads for jewelry making will depend on the type of jewelry one want to prepare and the choice of the customers. 


This one is the easiest to understand, which measures the weight of the diamond. Carat is later divided into 00 equal parts, also known as “points,” where one point equals .01 carat or 1/100 carat. One carat of a diamond is approximately .2 grams in weight and looks 6.5 mm wide. Sometimes diamonds of equal weight can look different in size as their depth and proportions can differ. The United States, through its diamond council, has provided a chart for carat measurement for 200 mm.  

While selecting the diamond beads, always remember that diamonds symbolize the buyer’s status and luxury. Therefore they shall be perfect and up to their expectations. As a leading diamond beads manufacturer in India that allows you to get diamonds of the finest quality, and that’s too, at affordable deals. So, hurry, buy an authentic diamond bead now.